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Birthday Gifts That’ll Impress Any Guy

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The 10 Best Gifts For Your Coworkers

It’s been more than 2 years since the pandemic struck, and in its wake, we’ve seen how ‘home’ has brought forth an entirely new meaning. Within the confines of those 4 walls, the living space has become a safe fortress during tough times and for some, a personal sanctuary that doubles as a trusty workspace.

During this period, we witnessed the rise of digital platforms as a means to stay connected from virtually anywhere. Hours upon hours spent indoors have taken the e-commerce and gift-buying game to levels like never before! In our efforts to bridge the gap with loved ones, we buy things that remind them we care and will always show up, even when we physically can’t.

Be it that coffee mug you know they’ll enjoy drinking from, aromatherapy candles they’re obsessed with, or that adorable night light that illuminates their workspace – it is precisely these items that’ll provide a sense of much-needed comfort after a long day. After all, the right gift can accelerate work productivity, add some effortless charm and in the best-case scenario, be something they’ll reach for time after time, again and again! At Giftyspace, we strive to create a seamless gifting experience all the way to their doorstep.

Make their workplace an equally fun and productive environment with these aesthetically pleasing, yet functional gifts.

Moai Tissue Box Cover

Know someone with an appreciation for all things quirky and artsy? Then this Moai Tissue Box Cover certainly fits the bill. It’s made from ceramic and steady as a rock - no pun intended! But you know, they’ll probably have a laugh or two every time they reach to pull out a tissue.

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Shark Bowl

Got a foodie buddy who’s always chomping on something? Time to get them this cutie! Rest easy though, this shark bowl won't chomp their fingers off, but we reckon it sure does make for a good ‘cereal killer’. Perfect for the work desk we say!

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Retro Bluetooth Speakers

A timeless infusion of classic and pop culture. This Retro Bluetooth Speaker isn’t all looks, it emits some great-sounding tunes too. This is the perfect blast from the past for that music-loving friend, and with eye candy like this, they’ll be itching to make it part of their home decor!

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Belly Pinching Mug

Break free from the usual boring cups with this ceramic mug! Watch their frown turn upside down every time they glimpse that cheeky hand pinching its own love handles. Whether this Belly Pinching Mug is in their hands or sitting cutely on their workspace, they’ll never stop thinking of you every time they reach for it!

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Misting Humidifier Fan

If aesthetics and functionality are what you’re seeking, this humidifier would be the answer. Make them feel at home wherever they are with some cool, breezy air. Its pleasing colours will complement any home too! Get this for someone who needs a little reminder to literally breathe easy.

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Peachy Anti-Stress Toy

Longing for something ideal to help curb stress? We might just have the perfect gift to remedy that! The Peachy Anti-Stress Toy exposes a rounded bubble butt, giving off a silent invitation to pinch irritating troubles away. As a stress reliever or as a cute table companion, they’ll giggle a little just from the plain sight of it!

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Mini Toaster Night Light

The epitome of cuteness arrives in the form of this toaster night light! The mini lever on the side isn’t merely a switch, it’s designed to mimic the act of real bread-toasting, effortlessly ticking the boxes for functional yet crazy cute! Whether for a kiddo or a friend, this gift is certain to create warm, fuzzy feelings!

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Polar Bear Humidifier

A portable humidifier that’s bound to please? Meet our pink-toweled Polar Bear casually chilling in a bathtub. He looks calm, he looks serene, and he looks like he’s having a swell time. Gift her something to smile about as the mist gently moisturises her skin while she works. She’ll adore this gift, and she’ll adore the gesture even more!

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Cheese Candles

Nothing beats the peace that comes with a delightfully scented, flickering candle. Watch moods transform through the help of essential oils infused within these adorable cheese candles. A feast for the eyes and like magic to the soul, these 100% handmade candles are a great table decor too!

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Sad Frog Tissue Box

It may be a sad day, but it doesn’t have to be a bad day! This soft and plush tissue case in the face of that lovable Frog meme can be placed on the desk lying down, standing up, and pretty much however they want! With movable eyelids on that sad, sad face, you’re looking at a hilarious gift your hip and trendy peeps can definitely relate to.

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The men in your life – they can be the most tricky people to gift, and yet, you’re absolutely going to give it your best shot anyway, because you know, love? There is dad who doesn’t seem to favour anything, your boyfriend who is ‘okay’ with certain things, and let’s not forget the male buddies who literally have EVERYTHING. You’re right, men are sure one tough nut to crack!

We understand the art of gifting doesn’t come easy. It’s human nature to overthink such a simple gesture because at the end of the day, you really want him to be thoroughly pampered on his special day. Giftyspace effortlessly ticks all the boxes for a surprise that doesn’t disappoint!

To remedy this dilemma, we head back to basics and scoured high and low, narrowing it down to ideal gifts most suited for him. We’ve uncovered a glorious mix of items for you to choose from, one he’ll certainly treasure for years to come. If he thinks it looks good, that’s one win for you. If he uses it all the time? We’ll take that as a double win!

Without further ado, have a look at all these amazing steals and hopefully, you’ll spot something (or maybe 5?) that hits just the right spot.

Multi-Purpose Push Up Board

Wondering what to give someone who is an absolute fitness freak? Check out this amazing multi-purpose push up board! It provides a safer and more effective upper body workout while simultaneously targeting 3 muscle areas. The fitness enthusiast in your life will be impressed.


If you’re looking for a gift that’s special yet practical, our wide range of speakers has you covered. These portable and powerful speakers allow him to blast his favourite tunes all day long, making it the perfect gift for someone who has their playlist on repeat.

Massager on-the-go

If you’re on the lookout for something he’ll use often, we’ve got some handy massaging tools too! Remind him to take a breather every now and then with a nice, relaxing massage. Whether he’s traveling for work or resting at home, you can be sure his well-being is taken care of.

Smart Thermos

If he loves keeping his drinks warm throughout the day, a thermos is a great way to maintain the temperature of his beverage, wherever he goes. Consider getting him our specially curated thermos gift set containing a wondrous mix of items he’ll appreciate!

Decor ornaments

Decorations are a great way to set the perfect mood and ambiance in a living space. Bring on the good vibes and make him think of you often with our vast collection of ornaments. From stylish, colourful Bearbricks to the infamous Lucky Cat for prosperity, choose the one that suits him best!

An immaculately designed Aroma Stone filling the room with a lovely scent might just be the thing he needs after a long day of work. As essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties, a few drops on this pretty stone resembling the Alps will do wonders for his mind.

Bricks building

Get him to unleash his inner creativity and at the same time, spend time together with these building bricks. He gets to proudly display the end product at home and you get to create meaningful memories side by side. That’s a win-win for sure!

Are you concerned he won’t like what you’ve chosen? Giftyspace offers other gifting solutions too! You won’t go wrong with our thoughtful Virtual Gifting feature. All you need to do is select an item, and he’ll get to unbox the virtual gift on his device no matter where he is. If it’s not something he wants, he’ll has the option to exchange it with something else he prefers!

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