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10 Gifts To Help You Bond With Your Family

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Birthday Gifts That Won’t go Wrong

”It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” - Mother Teresa

You’re back to square one. You sit and ponder hour after hour, trying to come up with the perfect present that’ll tickle their fancy. We get it, you’re determined to get it right this time around. They’re the important people in your life and you want to give them something equally special on their big day. If this aptly describes you, fellow gifter, all is not lost because you’ve found yourself in the right place!

Whatever your worries, we’ve got you covered. Be it a gift for selfless mummy dearest; the serious yet caring dad; that annoying sibling (who you secretly adore anyway); a beloved friend; the little ones; or even the hard-to-please better half; there’s a wide range of items that’ll help make every gift more meaningful, personalised, and if you wish, give it an added touch of uniqueness.

Explore our selection of birthday gifts that’ll make their special day even more memorable.

Fancy-looking Cup

From classy, funky, to adorable, take your pick from our extensive collection of creative mugs. Make them think of you as they take leisurely sips from a cup as special as they are. It’s an everyday item that makes for a cute lil’ surprise.

On-the-go cup

Looking for something useful, pretty, and environmentally friendly, all in one? These on-the-go cups make great companions for busy bees who are always out and about. If they’re advocates for eco-friendly items, they’ll probably love these all the more!


Know someone who loves keeping their drinks toasty and warm, all day long? These great-looking thermoses are a great way to maintain the heat of their beverage of choice. For travels or for slow sips throughout the day, they’ll appreciate this sweet gesture from you!

Cute tableware

Cute tableware might just be the best way to capture a food-lovers heart. If they’re big fans of funny things sitting pretty on their desk, these functional yet creative dishware will add a dash of fun to their lives! They’ll be smiling throughout the day just looking at it.


Life can get pretty hectic at times, so remind them to take a breather every now and then! Show them you care for their well-being by spoiling them with a good ol’ massage. With these massagers, they get to sit back and relax from the comforts of their own space.

Hanging Neck Fan

Help them beat the Malaysian heat with their very own stylish, portable fan. They get to enjoy a constant cool breeze as they go about their usual routine. This hanging neck fan resembles a cute accessory and effortlessly matches any type of clothing!

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Multi-Item Gift Set

If options are what you’re seeking, get ready to be spoiled for choice with our variety of multi-item gift sets!  As each item is carefully selected and prettily packaged to convey your well wishes, your giftee will be beaming from ear to ear with a gift this thoughtful.

Customise your own gift set

Can’t seem to find a curated gift set that’s just right for them? Don’t fret! You can opt to customise one exactly the way you like it. Pick up to 5 items from our store and we’ll bundle your selections in a pretty gift box of your choice. This is personalisation at its finest.

Customise now

Gift voucher

You won’t go wrong with a Gift Voucher from us since they’ll get to personally pick out anything they like.

Worried what you've chosen isn't something they want?

Alternatively, you could also opt for Virtual Gifting, our way. All you need to do is select a gift, and they’ll get to unbox the virtual gift on their device no matter where they are. If they don’t like it, they get to change it to something else!

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“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” – Anthony Brandt.

From nuclear families to extended families, from people who aren’t blood-related but those we remain bonded with through acts of pure love – we take some time to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing people who make up our very own special support system.

In a time where work and responsibilities can overwhelm our daily lives, finding time to nurture the little ones and simultaneously build the foundation of a tight-knit family can often take a back seat. While each family dynamic is unique and the ways we cherish one another might differ, fostering relationships through quality time and shared memories will always be an integral part of family growth.

Whether it’s enjoying game-time as a unit, creating an art piece to be admired in the household together, or simply gifting a dear friend some crazy fun board games they too can indulge with their loved ones, developing strong connections doesn’t have to be a challenging feat and can instead, be filled with simple yet meaningful experiences!

Spread the joy and gift you or them some of these carefully selected items that promote family-bonding moments:

Guess Who Am I Board Game

One of the most effective ways to help your little ones grow is through authentic and fun gameplay. Engage the family in a friendly battle through an activity that enhances critical thinking and observation skills, without compromising on the fun and exciting aspect! 

Children are naturally curious about the universe and all the beings that surround it. Help them be courageous and intelligent astronaut catchers through an entertaining puzzle that involves some strategy. This piece is portable and designed for easy storage.

Learning and fun arrive in pairs with our Mini Tabletop Games! From football, basketball or bowling, perform these activities indoors in a creative and unique way. You get to help the little ones cultivate different sets of skills and effortlessly form connections too!

Meet the ideal family game that accommodates multiple players all at once! Strengthen family bonds with this bead-grabbing game, a gentle reminder that staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring – it can be filled with endless thrills and laughter too!

Are you or your kids a fan of football? We’ve got just the thing for you! This is the perfect alternative for footie lovers who love to battle it out any time of the day, rain or shine. It trains motor skills and provides an equally exciting experience for your mini aspiring footballers.

Unlock their hidden creativity and train their minds at an early age! This piece is meticulously made with solid wood and is a breeze to clear up after a bonding session. With different levels of difficulty to opt for, help your kids rise to the challenge, one step at a time.

Another building block beckons, but this time in the form of the DIY Astro Boy! If anyone in the family is a fan of mecha figures, this one would hit all the right spots. Time to Ignite their imagination with this limited edition, 70th Anniversary collectible.

A 3D Puzzle that transforms into a Music Box? How rad is that! Sit back and relax with your loved ones, while bonding through a project that’s perfect for all occasions. With several themes to select from, enjoy the building process and get a meaningful item at the end of it.

There’s so much fun to be had during bath times with your toddlers! This cute frog spouts water in all directions, making shower sessions an exciting part of the day and something your child will look forward to. Enjoy some peace of mind with an adorable companion by their side.

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Here’s something unique for those with a creative soul. Ever heard of a jigsaw puzzle that allows you to recreate a photo in pixel art format? You’re looking at it right now! Be it a selfie or a picture of your pet, assemble this together from the very beginning all the way to the final masterpiece.

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